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Fantasy Wolf Contest: Shraya by 4EverIsntLongEnough Fantasy Wolf Contest: Shraya by 4EverIsntLongEnough
Entry for the contest and my fursona;P

Prompt: "It was the last time we would meet, I told myself. Somehow, I didn't expect to be going back there again."

Story:It was the last time we would meet, I told myself. Somehow, I didn't expect to be going back there again. Itís funny how just when life seems to get better, seems to evolve to something one could look forward to each morning instead of dreading whether life would hang in the balance, the worst possible thing happens.
I was scared as any would be if suddenly the world you knew was ripped from beneath your paws and you started to fall, no wings on your back to carry you to safety, just the fast approaching ground ready as ever to bring inevitable death. Yet, here we were. Face to face once more. One may think itís no problem due to my ďalways knowing whatís rightĒ attitude, but as Iím quickly finding out sometimes the right thing? Isnít right at all. My whole life I fought this battle, played a pawn for what? The satisfaction of others? Iíve battled for a cause to win a fight I was born into, a hostage to my own fate. Iíve killed to the point where faces become blurs and blood just a stain on my pelt. I was told that no matter what there would be someone better than me, and I would be better than someone, is it so wrong to wish that I was the best at something? Or is that totally unheard of? Nonetheless I am sick of running. So show yourself you monster, let me finally face what could be my end, but this time as a brave noble warrior not a pathetic coward. If I die on this day itís because I have met my better, taken down by a power larger then I, but if I succeed, if only for a mere moment, death to follow suit, I will die knowing that I am not fortunes fool, but that I have made my own ending, I have stopped this horrific battle, I have saved those who have not the ability to save themselves, I have won.

Name: Shraya

Age: unknown

Species: Maned Wolf

Markings/Powers: She has glowing white markings and her powers have not stopped appearing. So far the list includes:
Psychometry: ability to make relevant associations from an object of unknown history by making physical contact with that object
Accelerated healing: Ability to heal rapidly from any injury
Mental projection: Ability to project one's consciousness/psyche/emotions into the astral plane, into another, or to make them real
Psionic blast: Ability to overload another's mind causing pain, memory loss, lack of consciousness
Energy blasts: Ability to expel various forms of energy from the body

Mate: none

Personality: Hardened by the unforgiving nature of the wilderness Shraya is well adapted for the trials of physical combat. Formally trained with an uncanny ability to take magic, better than most, she is able to carve a home out of the most brutal landscape with values of perseverance and strength. Perhaps the most understanding of magic and all the power to bend reality and control minds that comes with it, defeating an opponent is as easy as convincing him to defeat himself. With a stature of a warrior and constantly on the defense as well as dealing a deadly offense, Shraya can wield all weapons with superiority, and unending agility and physical stamina grants her the endurance to outlast any foe. Shraya has an unrivaled ability to quickly learn and master new skills makes her most adaptable and she embodies both fearlessness and curiosity. Shrayaís edge is her ability to anticipate and plan for the moves her enemy is likely to make, she also values ingenuity and discipline. When it comes to a love life itís safe to say Shraya has little to none. The way she was raised, the life she was born into, she has not the time settle down. She also fears getting to close to someone, worried that they could turn against her. She hardly ever trusts and does not give second chances.

History: The world she was born into is one ravaged by war, she being born to a general who, expecting a male stopped at nothing to take away her female attributes and toughen her up into a killing machine. Shraya has since become a front line battle machine. Nothing has defeated her, ever. She has battled her way to the top and now stands to face her worst nightmare, herself. She lives in an altered universe where there are two dimensions separating the souls of each creature into two separate beings. It was prophesied to meet one day a chosen warrior must face herself in battle and unite the two worlds. That day is today, the fate of Hopikeeundra lays in the paws Shraya
BG: [link] | Maned Wolf: [link] | Texture: [link] & personal stock
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